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Introducing HackGATE: the industry’s first managed gateway for security testing

HackGATE, the industry's first managed gateway for monitoring security testing projects, allows organizations to streamline the auditing process, improve transparency, and separate ethical hackers from real-life attacks, empowering them to take control and ensure comprehensive security testing aligned with industry best practices.

Balazs PoznerJune 29, 2023 · 4 min read · Last Updated:

Working with ethical hackers in penetration testing projects is a great way to strengthen your company’s security systems. However, managing these projects efficiently while maintaining transparency across different teams is a challenge many organizations face. Another struggle for many IT security teams is determining the thoroughness of security tests: whether a test yielded a clear result because their systems are very secure or simply because the security test was not comprehensive enough is not always straightforward.

This is why we’ve built HackGATE — the industry’s first managed gateway specifically designed for monitoring security testing projects. We are excited to announce that from 3 July 2023, HackGATE will be available to the public as a standalone service.

How does HackGATE make a difference?

By providing accurate information about the projects, HackGATE will enable organizations to streamline the auditing process and demonstrate their commitment to security and regulatory requirements.

Thanks to its user-friendly dashboard HackGATE enables organizations to monitor ethical hackers and control traffic seamlessly. Users will experience improved visibility into hacking activities, enhanced accountability of pentesters, and the ability to detect anomalies. This unparalleled level of transparency and independence will empower organizations to take back control over their ethical hacking projects.

The solution also eases the reporting process for IT security professionals by producing comprehensive reports in the form of clickable PDFs with a holistic view of each individual pentest project. This interactive approach will be a huge improvement when it comes to collaboration and decision-making: it will enable security professionals to oversee the project’s findings, progress, and recommended actions — and easily share the learnings with the rest of the team.

What type of organizations will benefit from using HackGATE?

Any organization that prioritizes the security of its IT systems and recognizes the importance of comprehensive security testing and penetration testing projects can benefit from HackGATE’s advanced capabilities. This includes but is not limited to financial institutions, healthcare providers, government agencies, e-commerce platforms, technology companies, and critical infrastructure providers.

Improved transparency, separating pen testers and real-life attacks, advanced project analysis, and active monitoring of ethical hacking activities make HackGATE an essential tool for organizations seeking to ensure compliance and safeguard sensitive data.

Advanced features & integrations

HackGATE leverages advanced technologies to analyze projects. As an external platform, it remains independent of the pen testers, but it’s integrated with a leading Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) system, enabling the identification of attack types, logging of security data, and generation of reports for compliance purposes. With HackGATE, organizations can ensure that their testing is comprehensive and aligns with industry best practices.

One of HackGATE’s key features is its ability to separate the activities of pentesters and real-life attackers by enforcing strong authentication methods before granting ethical hackers access to the IT system. Access to a web server is only available from HackGATE IP addresses, ensuring that only authorized pentesters can enter, thereby minimizing the risk of unauthorized access. The tool also logs all activities during the project, allowing organizations to track and isolate any unauthorized intruders. This clear separation between pentesters and real-life attacks enhances the overall security posture of the organization.

The platform also seamlessly integrates with your existing IT environments. This means that there’s no need to make any changes; configuration is quick and hassle-free, allowing you to start using HackGATE without disrupting your current operations.

Summing up

HackGATE represents a significant leap forward in managing security testing and pentest projects. It will enable organizations to enhance project quality, separate pentesters from real-life attacks, utilize advanced technologies for analysis, monitor ethical hacking projects actively, and achieve a high level of transparency.

Stay tuned for updates!

Written by Balazs Pozner
CEO and Founder of HACKRATE Ltd.

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